• Education Committee - The Education Committee’s purpose is to educate the public and provide information, training and resources about substance abuse issues, targeting individuals who may be vulnerable and helping them to avoid having to enter treatment. The education committee's work is preventative. Through community outreach, this subcommittee develops programs that respond to community need including the distribution of pertinent literature and development of educational forums/training.

    • Treatment Committee - The Treatment Committee’s purpose is to review and assess current treatment programs, treatment gaps and access problems that exist. Members of this subcommittee include doctors, nurses, persons who legally administer drugs, counselors, and staff at methadone clinics. The committee also reviews current policy issues that could help reduce access to prescription drugs. The treatment committee’s focus is on finding a cure for the substance abuse issue. 

    • Youth Committee - In response to the wide range of challenges facing our youth, the Heroin Prevention Task Force established a new committee, the Youth Committee, in March 2023. The Youth Committee operates with a council of leaders to address the ever-changing dangers facing today's youth. This committee is responsible for recommending and promoting youth programs conducted by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office and the Nassau County Executive's Office. Participation is open to youth in Nassau County, ages 13-20.