About Us

The mission of the Heroin Prevention Task Force is to engage a partnership of community, social, and government agencies dedicated to reducing the demand for substance use; to educate about the signs and symptoms of addiction, about the prevalence of the heroin problem and all addictions affecting our societies today and the resources available to eliminate drug-related crime; and to promote and support a stigma-free environment for all those seeking mental health and substance use services through public education, advocacy, media, law enforcement, and legislation.

To confront the region’s growing heroin and opioid epidemic, the Heroin Prevention Task Force recommends a comprehensive strategy that focuses on:

  • Education and Prevention;
  • Increasing access to treatment on demand;
  • Youth programming, and;
  • Reducing the number of fatal overdoses.

The Task Force continues to meet, both as a body and in small subcommittees, to move the mission of the Task Force forward.  

If you are interested in participating in the Task Force, please contact us by email at ContactHPTF@nassauda.org.