Nassau County Police Department

The Nassau County Police Department is committed to eradicating heroin from our community. County Executive Curran and the NCPD have announced and implemented a three-prong approach to combating the current heroin epidemic which includes Operation H.A.L.T., Anti-Heroin Parental Awareness Campaign and an educational component - "Too Good for Drugs."

In addition, the NCPD offers an Anonymous Drug Analysis Program, for parents or guardians. If you discover your child has a substance you think is a drug, the NCPD's program will test and identify the substance and provide anonymous advice and counsel from a member of the NCPD Narcotics/Vice Squad. No criminal charges will be filed as a result of items submitted for analysis. Parents/Guardians may bring the suspicious substance to their local precinct stationhouse along with an envelope. For more information go to the Nassau Police Department webpage.