Proposed Legislation

District Attorney Singas Proposes Legislation to Criminalize Harassment for Sexual Gratification

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas proposed legislation to strengthen laws that protect victims of sexually-motivated violence. If enacted, the bill will fill a gap in state law that precludes a prosecutor from charging a perpetrator who slaps, punches, shoves, or kicks another person, without consent, for sexual gratification, when evidence of injury is insufficient to meet New York’s statutory and case law definitions of physical injury.

“This legislation fills a gap in the law that is essential to properly sanction sexually-motivated violence that may leave the victims with deep emotional wounds, even if they do not sustain physical injuries as defined under New York penal law,” DA Singas said. “This new misdemeanor-level offense will afford law enforcement an additional tool to protect victims of domestic abuse, and I encourage the legislature to pass this bill next session.”

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