crime Victim Services


If you have been the victim of crime, or were a witness to a crime, your help is essential to our prosecution of the case.

I know it is often difficult for a victim or witness to relive and recall the circumstances and events surrounding a crime. The experience is sometimes made even more painful by retelling it to strangers in the formal surroundings of the criminal justice system.

This information is designed to let you know what happens in bringing a case to trial, and to advise you of the services and people we have available to assist you.

You will be working with an Assistant District Attorney while the defendant is being prosecuted. You may contact this Assistant at any time if you have questions. It is also important that we keep you informed about the case, so if you move or change your telephone number, please let us know. Call the Assistant District Attorney, or the Crime Victim Advocates Unit at 516-571-1268.

We are here to help you.